Libra Double-Sided Zodiac & Constellation Necklace

  • $90.00

With a focus on balance and harmony, Libras carry these traits in every area of life. Wear your sign with the Libra Double-Sided Zodiac & Constellation Necklace. Both the chain and pendant are made from 14k gold-plated authentic sterling silver. One side of the pendant reveals your constellation while the other is etched with the symbol for Libra. For added style and protection, a small lucky eye charm dangles further up the chain, fitted with rose quartz. This stone purifies and aids in self-love to help Libras strive toward their goals in the most stylish of ways.

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: 14K Gold Vermeil 

Stone: Rose Quartz & Cubic Zircon

Length: 16" + 2" Extension