Aquarius Double-Sided Zodiac & Constellation Necklace

  • $90.00

Your humanitarian instincts never go unnoticed, Aquarius. Make them more visible with the Aquarius Double-Sided Zodiac & Constellation Necklace. Fashioned from authentic 925 sterling silver with 14k gold plating, the pendant can be worn on either side to reveal your progressive intentions. One side hosts the constellation for Aquarius while the other has an etching of your symbol. From the chain of the same material, you will find added protection through the lucky eye charm. Inside, it holds amethyst, one of the most powerful stones. The splendid purple hue is an ideal way to bring more style to your daily look as you aim to make the world a better place.

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Plating: 14K Gold Vermeil 

Stone: Garnet & Cubic Zircon

Length: 16" + 2" Extension