Jewelry Trends for 2020

When looking at the different types of jewelry trends, we notice two things. Firstly that the trends that are current are not limited to one or two major styles but are, in fact, wide in their variety. Secondly, trends will change depending on the season and over time. Throughout the decades we have seen a number of different trends, a lot of which come full circle and return from time to time. 

What Is A trend?

A trend is a certain style or item that is very much in fashion and highly sought after at any given period of time. Trends can be based on a particular color, such as browns and tans being on-trend during the autumn or pinks being on-trend in the spring. A trend might also be based upon a specific theme such as an ocean theme or a Goddess theme.

A trend might come from something as simple as a celebrity wearing a specific item that is photographed and published, with the snowball effect of everyone then wanting to own that item.


Pearls have long been the desired item and the current trend is no different, with jewelry makers showcasing some beautiful pieces to keep up with this style. This classic look is now featuring many pieces with a modern twist, moving away from the usual circular pearl that we see and playing with the shape of the pearls.


Some pieces at Fervor Montreal that feature this trend are: the Mystique Necklace, which features a freshwater pearl embedded with various colored stones, the oceanic gold watch, this piece features several pearls on the bracelet of the watch, making for a delicate and feminine look, the Carrina Bracelet, a delicate silver bracelet with a single pearl charm attached which is simple and beautiful.

Antique Look

The baroque period of time was known for its ornate designs and flamboyancy. No detail was overlooked during this time period and this style has come back in the jewelry styles we are currently seeing. These antique trends can be seen everywhere, giving a classic twist to a modern outfit.


You can find pieces inspired by this trend at Fervor Montreal, some of these pieces can be found in the Paris 1919 collection which showcases some stunning antique style jewelry.


The collection features a variety of earrings in various designs fit for many different occasions.  You will also find a selection of necklaces within the collection, all but one of which features a single pendant in a variety of designs to suit every taste, if a bracelet is more your style, the collection offers three different antique-inspired bracelets as well.

Paris 1919 Collection


Many trends have been inspired by the beauty of nature. Giving us the choice of a range of natural hues and designs featuring flowers, greenery and much more, nature is a trend that has extended into the world of jewelry. Fervor Montreal offer the Queen of the jungle range which is inspired by the green colors found in the jungles. The collection has a selection of earrings, necklaces, and rings which fit perfectly into the ‘nature’ trend.

Queen of the Jungle Collection

Chakra Jewelry

For many years there has been an unending trend for chakra jewelry. This type of jewelry features different colored stones that relate to each of the chakras in the human body. These pieces have been popular season after season due to their connection to spirituality as well as their beautiful designs. If you are looking for a piece of Chakra jewelry, Fervor Montreal has a range of options.


The Chakra Stud Earrings feature a single-colored stone and come in a range of colors. The Silver Chakra Necklace can be found with one of seven different colored stones set alongside a silver pendant as well as the Chakra Silk Bracelet.

Chakra Collection

Homemade Look

One of the big recent jewelry trends is the homemade/craft trend. Whether you prefer to actually make your own jewelry or buy some which have been designed to look as if it were crafted at home, these would both fit into this trend. Using materials that are easily accessible and brightly colored, this trend has been hugely popular. Fervor Montreal offers some options that follow this trend such as the Aleya Rose Gold Bracelet.

Bold Crystal Earrings

Bold Crystal Earrings are one of the modern trends in jewelry today. Fervor Montreal offers different types of earrings including the Carrina earrings. They are uniquely designed to suit the taste and preference of an individual. A great statement earring with colorful raffia creations will enhance your overall appearance. This glittery accouterment can not only be worn on a special event but at any time. They can be worn with a simple pair of jeans, a blouse or a basic slip dress.

The Carrina Collection

Delicate Diamond Pendants

Pendants are super unique and trendy modern jewelry. Large semi-precious stones or amulets attached to a solid silver or gold look wonderful when they swing in long chains on your neck. Stacking and layering necklaces is another way of showcasing your pendants. Chain-hung pendants can also be worn to achieve a graceful line that elongates your back. Amour and Carrina necklaces and pendants are some of the jewelry to shop at Fervor Montreal.


Fervor Montreal offers many options for jewelry buyers to find a style that fits in with the current trends.