Mondial Bangles- Rhodium Plated Jaipur

  • $30.00

Inspired by Aliya’s (our head designer) travels to some of the most beautiful cities around the world. From the cherry blossom strewn rivers of Osaka to the subtle hues of the sand in Dubai, she takes us on her journey down memory lane with the Mondial collection.

Plated in rhodium these bangles are an addition to our ever so popular Bella Bangle twisted torque design.

The free sized, hypoallergenic brass bangles are elegantly finished in vibrant enameling which come in a variety of colours.

Whether worn individually or stacked on, these bangles provide an added touch of elegance to your attire.

Jaipur: Bright Fuchsia Known as the Pink City, each building amongst its ancient walls are historically painted a bright pink. Aliya was lucky enough to be able to travel here to source some of the best gems you can find, along with much inspiration she has gathered whilst walking these ancient streets.