Queen Of The Jungle Collection

The Queen Of The Jungle collection from Fervor Montreal is a collection that stands out from the crowd and is truly like no other. The striking designs jump out at you from the first glance. There is nothing quiet or subtle about this collection and it demands your attention making it the ideal collection to complement a plain outfit or to add that extra something.

Dancing Gems Collection

Dancing Gems

Fervor Montréal offers many beautiful ranges of jewelry and one of these is the Dancing Gems Collection which is delicate yet detailed and has a true air of elegance in every piece. If you like to treat yourself to a stunning piece of jewelry then the Dancing Gems Collection is a good place to look. … Read more

Zodiac Jewelry

The Zodiac Collection - Taurus

Zodiac Jewelry When looking at types of jewelry, one of the consistent trends are pieces that represent the zodiac signs. These pieces of jewelry come in many styles and types and can appear sophisticated and fashionable. Zodiac Collection Quick View Zodiac Ring Virgo – Aug 23 – Sep 23 Quick View Zodiac Ring Taurus – … Read more

The Ascot Collection

What makes the Ascot collection so special is the fact that it has been expertly crafted by some of Italy’s finest silversmiths, giving these pieces a supreme quality that is sure to last a lifetime. Made from sterling silver, each piece has been woven together in the most intricate fashion giving the wearer a piece of jewelry which is free flowing and versatile. The jewelry is designed to be able to twist and flow so that it can be worn in any style that the wearer desires. No two styles are the same and the Ascot Collection makes sure that your piece is truly your own and unique to you with the ability to wear it however you please.

Moi Collection

Introduction To The Moi Collection

Fervor Montreal have many jewelry collections, each of which help wearers to express themselves through style and individuality. One of the collections is the Moi Collection which has been designed to allow the wearer to show off their personality.

Moi translates from French to mean ‘me’ which relates to the individual style aimed to give anyone who wears a piece from the collection. Each piece from the Moi Collection features a unique design which is great for self expression, whether the wearer prefers a letter or a meaningful symbol, the collection caters to all tastes.

Love Collection Jewelry

Amore Love Collection

It is approaching the time of year when it is important to show those we love how much we care. There are a huge variety of ways to do this yet one classic remains the same. The gift of jewelry. A stunning piece of jewelry as a Valentines Day gift can speak a thousand words and Fervor Montreal have a beautiful collection just for such an occasion, the Love Collection.

Jewelry Trends for 2020

Jewelry Trends

When looking at the different types of jewelry trends, we notice two things. Firstly that the trends that are current are not limited to one or two major styles but are, in fact, wide in their variety. Secondly, trends will change depending on the season and over time. Throughout the decades we have seen a … Read more

Montréal the inspiration of a brand

Fashion is more than just what you wear. It represents people, places, and things. These are the true essentials to fashion and showcasing who you are. Fervor Montréal’s pride and joy lies within the meaning of the brand. Expressing passion and freedom through the representation of its roots. Along the cobblestoned streets of the French … Read more