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February 24, 2021 2 min read

This seductive collection features the gorgeous gemstone known as Malachite.

Malachite is an ancient gemstone that can be found in Russia, Australia and the Congo.

It is believed that this exotic gem amplifies positive energies for whoever wears it and it absorbs any negative energies that might come your way.

This collection is for the fearless Queen of the Jungle, who makes a statement and conquers any challenge that comes her way, in style, of course.

Oriental Fan Necklace

This necklace was inspired by the oriental fan and is symbolic of wealth, authority and wisdom. It exudes grace and class for whoever wears it. The Malachite has been cut and polished into a stunning fan shape, giving it a sophisticated look.

This piece can give your everyday looks a pop of refined colour without being too over-the-top, but gives just enough uniqueness to stand out in a subdued way.

Complete the collection with the Oriental Fan Earrings and Oriental Fan Ring.

Cabochon Earrings

The Cabochon Earrings and collection are for those who want a softer, more rotund look to their jewelry to give off a softer, more contemporary look. These earrings feature rose gold plating and two links of delicate chain where the malachite orb dangles and delicately captures the light. Again, these are great for dressing up your everyday looks, going out to brunch and adding a pop of colour and interest to a more neutral or dark palette.

Complete the collection with the Cabochon Necklace and Cabochon Ring.

Scalene Ring

This ring is for the statement makers, those who are fearless in their style and attitude. It features a malachite gemstone cut into the shape of a scalene triangle. It exudes edginess and confidence, and CEO-type energies. This is for those who think outside the box and who enjoy great success because of it.

We recommend those who dare to wear this ring to let it adorn their index finger. Complete the collection with the Scalene Necklace and the Scalene Earrings.

Elongated Hexagon Earrings

The Elongated Hexagon Earrings are one of our favourites from the geometric range of this collection. They feature beautiful malachite gemstones cut into elongated hexagonal shapes reminding us of elegant emeralds. The stones gracefully suspend from a miniature triangle shaped pin with cubic zirconia set in a pavé style.

These earrings exude elegance, and are best worn during a romantic evening of fine dining with that special someone.

Complete the collection with the Elongated Hexagon Ring and Elongated Hexagon Necklace.

Slim Oval Necklace

This necklace radiates opulence. It features a slim, oval shaped Malachite stone that is suspended from a hexagon bail adorned with cubic zirconia. Such a classy piece can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion, day or night. This necklace suits a sophisticated woman who dresses tastefully and has her life together!

Complete the collection with the Slim Oval Ring and the Slim Oval Earrings.